The community of co-owners establishes a real fleet of aircraft backed by spare aircrafts of the program which, in turn, guarantee a 24/7 availability.

Join the club of business aircraft owners for a fraction of the cost…. Buy a share get a fleet

Operating mode

Fractional ownership relies upon an exchange of the rights of co-owners to the use of the aircraft that insures the availability 24/7.

With HAPPY LANDINGS, co-owners get access to a whole fleet of aircrafts while financing a fraction of a business airplane corresponding to their fair needs.

The main advantages

  • You only pay the amount of annual flying hours you really need
  • You can start flying following the purchase of one share or more from 1/12 on a Pilatus PC-12 or 1/10 on a Piaggio Avanti II. Each share corresponds to 50 occupied flight hours per year
  • The HAPPY LANDINGS program gives you all the flexibility you need whenever you exceed 50 hours within a year by carrying over your unused allotted hours or borrowing hours from your next year's allotment
  • Whenever your own aircraft is down for maintenance or when operated for the benefit of another co-owner, you will still always benefit from another identical aircraft
  • You only pay for occupied hours during which you are effectively on board, without any positioning fees or return charges.
  • Following your aircraft management agreement with HAPPY LANDINGS SA you get rid of daily maintenance, crew and flight plan management. Fly and forget : we take care of the rest !
  • You split the monthly fixed costs (insurances, crew training, calendar maintenance, flight management) among co-owners on the bases of their share.