Flight hour card

As a solution to a limited need of flight hours, HAPPY LANDINGS has created the flight hour card on turboprop aircrafts.

Operating mode

Whenever your annual flight hour needs do not exceed 20 hours, the occupied flight hour card is the ideal solution.

The aircraft is available 24/7 from or to any European destination, with no additional fees. You only pay the occupied hours corresponding to the time you are on board.

With the flight hour card you don't need to invest or make any long term commitment.

The main advantages

  • The flight hour card gives you access to a program tailored to your needs
  • You will exclusively fly on a Piaggio Avanti II operated by strictly selected companies that meet our safety demanding standards
  • You only pay the flight time you're on board without positioning fees or return charges
  • HAPPY LANDINGS manages all your flights to your exclusive benefit or to the benefit of any of your guests, even if you are not on board.

Your private plane on a simple call… with no hidden cost