Piaggio Avanti II

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Piaggio Avanti II stands apart in business aviation, with no direct competitors in terms of performances, fuel consumption, noise and CO2 footprint. It can operate out of London City Airport and land on numerous airfields simply unreachable by comparable business jets. In addition, it offers a stand up cabin as comfortable and spacious as a Falcon 50 for half of its operating cost.


Piaggio Avanti II is one of the very few aircraft in fractional ownership able to land on 1000 meters runway. It can operate out of London City Airport and land on hundreds of airfields simply unreachable by comparable business jets


  • The spacious stand-up cabin is equipped with both a club configuration and a forward divan. The executive club seats are reclining and swiveling
  • Located aft of the cabin, you'll find a fully enclosed private lavatory.
  • The Avanti II cabin is rated as low as 68 dbA speech interference level, quieter than any other aircraft in its class. The pusher engines direct sound toward the tail of the aircraft, leaving the Avanti II’s cabin virtually free of power plant noise.
  • In an aircraft that can fly as high as the Avanti II, air pressure can affect your comfort. With a 9.0 psi differential, the Avanti II’s cabin maintains sea-level pressure up to 24,000 feet. At its certified 41,000 foot altitude, the cabin maintains an air pressure comparable to Val d’Isere, France.


The two Pratt & Whitney, Canada PT6A-66B are part of the world’s most trusted family of turboprop engines with one of the lowest fuel consumption. These engines, rated at 1630 thermodynamic HP, and de-rated to 850 SHP, power the Avanti II to a certified altitude of 41,000 feet and speed of 402 kts. That’s significantly faster than any other turboprop and faster than many of the Avanti II’s jet competitors.

  • With a maximum range of 1,800 nm, the Avanti II can reach any airfield within Europe or North Africa.
  • Its speed combined with its ability to take-off and land on smaller fields (1 000 meters), the Avanti II will take you closer to your business destination, a performance no other aircraft in its class can reach with such a cost/efficiency ratio.
  • The Avanti II features a Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21 Electronic Flight Instrument System from the latest avionics generation