When joining HAPPY LANDINGS programs, you benefit from our global services and know-how from the operation department that is in charged of organizing your mission.

When booking your flight, you will just have to indicate your departing point, your schedule, your destination, and that is all. We will take care of the rest!

The HAPPY LANDINGS operation service includes, but not only, the organization of your planning and provides trained and skilled pilots, ensures the airworthiness and the maintenance of your aircraft together with the flight plans, the airport slots and any last minute changes that your agenda may request.

A turnkey service

By experience, a journey is always time consuming and difficult to organize. It is all the more difficult for a trip including several persons…with the booking of standard transport means: commercial airlines, trains, car rental…that cause stress under circumstances when your agenda needs a maximum flexibility

With HAPPY LANDINGS programs, you also select your departing schedule according to your own agenda.

With HAPPY LANDINGS, you can have a personal airplane at your beck …..and call, book, cancel, reschedule your journey. Indeed, all the advantages of having a personal airplane at your disposal and your agenda will no longer depend on airline schedules. You need not tie down any of your company’s internal resources to make these arrangements. You just call for your airplane, go to the airport, and fly. You will see, HAPPY LANDINGS will change your life.