At HAPPY LANDINGS SA safety is our paramount concern ! From the management level to pilots, technical staff and operations, your safety is important to us.

This safety culture is absolutely shared by everyone in the company in order to guarantee the best safety standards available with no compromise, irrespective of external or internal pressures.

By taking great care in selecting turboprop aircraft models, our team wants our co-owners to feel that HAPPY LANDINGS is associated with solid and long lasting manufacturers.

With safety in mind, we make you fly on reliable, solid and reputable aircrafts that have always kept a strong track record and investment value compared to the latest fashionable new comers.


  • Our pilots are recruited with a solid experience, often exceeding 3000 hours. Most of our crews originate from military or airlines. Because we believe that making a decision in a cockpit is a matter that needs a safe thinking, we always operate our flights with two pilots, even though the European standards still authorizes one pilot on this privately operated type of aircraft. Each pilot is qualified on one type of aircraft in order to be intuitively ready for any eventuality
  • Among our organization and under the responsibility of our chief pilot, every single pilot benefits from an annual instruction program, including a flight training to the most hazardous situation. On top of the renewal of his annual aircraft and instrument ratings, our pilots must pass an annual test related to this safety training


Our aircraft are maintained up to the latest standard and benefits from the technical updating provided by the manufacturers related to the improvement of safety : TCAS (Traffic Alert and Collision Avoidance System) and EGPWS (Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System).

Each Aircraft in the program benefits from a flight hour maintenance agreement directly with the manufacturers themselves or with maintenance agencies agreed by the manufacturer.


  • Our flight operation department is also very much involved with safety. It is are in charge of pilots planning. We believe they have to be close to the pilots. On the basis of confident relationship, each pilot on duty is constantly connected with the operation room. The flight operation is in charge of supporting the pilots. Our pilots don't have to worry about anything, but their flights, safety matters and care about their passengers.
  • The flight operation may also report to the chief pilot of any piece of element or event useful to its daily decision regarding safety.