Due to restrictions into European airspace, and airport infrastructures, the growing concern over environmental air transport challenge no longer justifies the use of a business jet on such short to medium range flights.

In response to this new challenge, HAPPY LANDINGS has committed its strategy within an innovative vision of responsible, respectful and environmental values which from the beginning led our model to offset carbon emissions for all its flights.

This new policy of reduction and offsetting carbon emissions is carried out through three main actions :

  • Fractional ownership is by definition self limiting the number of aircraft in operation together with the emission of carbon dioxide associated to the manufacturing of additional airplanes.
  • By taking great care in selecting our turboprop models, we have chosen the best performance aircrafts that can meet all mission profiles in Europe, while reducing CO2 footprint up to 60% when compared to a business jet of same size, without jeopardizing comfort and speed performances.

Aircraft Type


Hourly fuel Consumption (liters)

CO2 Emissions Ton/hour


Citation Excel

Stand-up Cabin



- 61%

Piaggio Avanti II

Stand-up Cabin



Citation CJ 1

Cabine étroite



- 39%

Pilatus PC 12

Cabine étroite



  • In order to offset residual CO2 emissions, we now propose to purchase carbon offsets :
    • By urging co-owners to join deliberately this offset program, they have the opportunity to buy back their CO2 emissions corresponding to their flights
    • By offering to all card members "green" flight hours, HAPPY LANDINGS SA buys back the equivalent of CO2 emissions