Costs Saving

Due to years of experience and to a solid track record in turboprops, our choice of both Pilatus and Piaggio Avanti II is particularly advantageous when it comes to offer to our co- owners and customers the most efficient time/cost transport ratio in Europe.

How far can you fly with HAPPY LANDINGS for 1 500 Euros compared to business aircrafts of similar sizes ?



Piaggio Avanti II

King 200

Citation CJ 1

Citation Excel

Number* of Km for 1500 €






* it doesn't include the acquisition costs or monthly management

HAPPY LANDINGS programs guarantee fully predictable costs !

At HAPPY LANDINGS, the hourly flight rate is unique and fixed within a dedicated flight zone, irrespective of your destination or the origin of the flight.

The rates are guaranteed over five years, but the annual adjustments based on OECD consumer price index, insurance and fuel variations. On these bases, HAPPY LANDINGS only charges the occupied hours during which you or your guests are on board, without last minute extra costs. A great advantage compared to charters !

Join the private aircraft owners club…. at a fraction of the cost !