The HAPPY LANDINGS private air travel system proposes a nearly "door to door" outstanding service to fly you, non stop, as close to your final business or leisure destination. HAPPY LANDINGS represents the real pass to 2 200 airfields and even altiports in Europe whereas Jets are limited to 700 airports and airlines carriers to 350. You can really take advantage from the nearest airfield close to your location and decide to fly out whenever you elect to do so: La Môle Saint- Tropez instead of Nice, Lausanne la Blecherette instead of Geneva.

Save time and get rid of the constraints

HAPPY LANDINGS offers you to put an end to traffic jams whenever you drive into congested airports, to avoid long queues at check-in counters or at the security checks, to forget the missed flight connection or the loss of luggage !

For example did you know that during a standard commercial trip, 18 % travelling time is dedicated to airport commuting, 53% to check-in an boarding procedures, and only 29% to the flight itself?