Our Philosophy

HAPPY LANDINGS proposes a new green behavior attitude within a unique offer for an economical private air travel system. This program allows to benefit from all the advantages of business aviation but with a neutral CO2 footprint at a budget cost 30% lower than any comparable jet offer.

In this respect, we have developed two innovating and efficient programs :

Fractional ownership and occupied flight hour card

With the HAPPY LANDINGS fractional ownership and flight hour card programs, you benefit from a whole fleet of aircrafts : your personal plane available 24/7 within short notice when and  where you need it, anywhere in Europe !

The HAPPY LANDINGS private air travel system proposes a "door to door" service to fly you, non stop, as close to your final business or leisure destination.

HAPPY LANDINGS has carefully selected modern and fast efficient turboprops with spacious cabins, giving access to 2 200 airports in Europe.

In addition, HAPPY LANDINGS guarantees its fees over 5 years for a budgeted cost.