Our Concept

Buying a fraction share in a business airplane is not to be compared to purchasing a particular aircraft together with its associated fixed costs which can be quite unpredictable. When buying a share of an airplane corresponding to your realistic needs, you benefit from all the advantages of owning your own airplane with neither the management burden nor the worry of the availability of the aircraft. Investing a share in a fractional ownership program gives you access to a whole fleet of aircrafts strictly identical which in turn allows you to benefit from another aircraft from the fleet, when "your airplane" is used by another co-owner or simply grounded for maintenance purposes.

The Flight Hour Card provides you with the same advantages without no investment.

A compulsory management tool for companies and individuals

The use of private airplane has become a compulsory transport mean for the ones that wish to land as close as possible from their final destination and still be in command of their journey. Only private airplane will limit the travel time frame and will free a busy agenda of a decision maker.

The selection of an efficient and green air travel system

More than ever, you should favor modern turboprop aircrafts, more efficient than business jets: a real pass to three times more airports in Europe, far more costs saving, with an unmatched CO2 footprint.

Yet, HAPPY LANDINGS SA is the only operator in Europe offering in turboprop :

  1. Two innovating programs :
    • Aircraft fractional ownership
    • Flight hour card
  2. backed by two complementary aircrafts:
    • The Pilatus PC-12 selected for its short fields characteristic together with a comfortable cabin, a notorious reliability and an unmatched cost efficiency.
    • The Piaggio Avanti II, favored for its jet like speed, a stand-up cabin and operational costs 30% less than a business jet.
  3. with the guaranty of :
    • Safety:
    • From the beginning we have put safety at the forefront of our programs. Our company rules related to Crew training, aircraft maintenance as well as those concerning the quality control of the flight department have been tailored according to the very best standards in the industry. At HAPPY LANDINGS SA safety comes first.

    • Accessibility:
    • HAPPY LANDINGS represents the real pass to 2 200 airports and airfields in Europe whereas jets are limited to 700 and airline carriers to 350.

    • Flexibility:
    • You only pay for actual flying time, without any positioning and waiting fees or return charges. In fact, your private airplane is waiting for you in every airport.

    • Availability:
    • Guaranteed, on short notice, 24/7 all year long, on any European airport thanks to an operational fleet of strictly similar aircrafts.

    • Fully predictable costs :
    • We guarantee the occupied hourly rate without any surprise, from any airport and to any destination in Europe ! The HAPPY LANDINGS rates are set over five years, but the annual adjustments based on OECD consumer price index and fuel variation.